Your GMAT Classes breaks barriers, delivering top-tier GMAT Prep to students and professionals nationwide. In response to the lack of quality offline coaching available at a local level, we provide expert instruction tailored specifically to the intricacies of the GMAT exam. Our online platform eliminates the commute burden for busy individuals ensuring efficient and effective preparation. Beyond accessibility, we revolutionize study methods, offering personalized improvement strategies for optimal results. Our GMAT Experts, "Rahul Raj" and "Shubham Dodeja" both have 10+ Years of experience and have perfected their in class pedagogy. Join us to experience a new standard in GMAT preparation, designed to empower you for success.


To empower professionals and students globally by providing individualized, accessible, and efficient online coaching for GMAT and other exams. We aim to transcend geographical barriers, fostering a supportive learning environment from the comfort of their homes. We work to maximize each person's potential by providing constant motivation and personalized coaching customized according to their needs.


We see a world in which education is not geographically restricted and everyone has access to excellent coaching. Our dedication goes beyond academic brilliance; we hope to transform coaching industry by incorporating cutting-edge AI technology. Our vision is still the same as we grow to offer coaching for CAT and GRE. We want to be the world leader in online coaching, empowering learners to achieve their greatest potential.


Rahul Raj

Experience: 10+ years as a GMAT Coach

About Rahul:

Our head GMAT Coach, with a proven track record since 2013. Over a decade, he has honed a teaching style that's crafted numerous GMAT success stories. Known for his personalized approach and unwavering enthusiasm, Rahul excels in clarifying doubts and crafting custom study plans. His dedication not only educates but truly inspires, making him a pivotal figure in our students' journey to GMAT excellence.

Shubham Dodeja

Experience: 6 years as CAT Coach & 5 years as GMAT Coach

About Shubham:

An exceptional GMAT coach with a 715 Focused Edition Score (Earlier 760, 99 Percentile) with a 6-year track record in CAT tutoring, boasting impressive percentiles of 99.94, 99.8, and 99.78 across last 3 years. Over the past 5 years, he's also developed his expertise in GMAT, developing a unique pedagogy that includes live mock exams to demonstrate 99th percentile strategies. An educationist by heart, Shubham's approach not only enlightens but also empowers his students to achieve their best scores.


Chief Business Officer

About Neelesh:

Meet Neelesh, the dynamic business head at our company, armed with an MBA from IIM Kozhikode and a rich background in establishing systems and processes. A marketer at heart, his experience spans prestigious roles at RPG Group and Boult. Neelesh is on a mission to forge a world-class coaching brand, committed to delivering unparalleled quality education and transforming the landscape of learning.


Associate Product Manager

About Trinav:

As an Associate Product Manager of our company, Trinav specializes in product strategy alongside website development and marketing. His duties include tailoring marketing strategies to attract and retain students and optimizing the website for a seamless learning experience. Trinav is committed to enhancing the company's brand and optimizing student success rates in GMAT preparation.