Online Live GMAT Coaching

Prep for GMAT Focused Edition with the Best GMAT Experts via Live Online classes.

Master the Basic Concept of all Verbal, Quant & DI
Ask Queries & Doubts during Live Class
60 hours
Live Classes
12 Weeks Duration
Small Batches
100% GMAT Prep Materials

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About the Course

Our Online Live GMAT Coaching Course is our flagship GMAT course and is tailored for those aiming to excel on the GMAT exam, offering a blend of comprehensive, personalized instruction and convenience. Conducted via Zoom, the live sessions promote real-time interaction with experienced instructors, ensuring immediate answers to queries and a personalized learning experience. With small class sizes, we guarantee individual attention, making it easier for each student to achieve their target scores.

The course is strategically scheduled on weekends, catering to both students and working professionals by eliminating the worry of conflicting commitments. This format allows learners to fully engage and absorb the material without weekday distractions. Our seasoned instructors, Rahul & Shubham are experts in GMAT strategies and content, committed to guiding each student towards success.

What our Students Say?

Harshita Sahni

GMAT Score: 730

Chakravardhan Reddy

GMAT Score: 710

Course Highlights

Unlimited Live Classes

Yes, you head it right! Our coaching offers a year-long access to live classes, enabling students to join and revise any topic at their convenience.

Unique Pedagogy

Our pedagogy is unique, emphasizing conceptual clarity, personalized learning, strategic problem-solving, and featuring live mocks conducted by tutors in front of all students.

Unlimited Doubt Clearing

Our program provides unlimited doubt clearing sessions, ensuring every student receives the personalized support needed to conquer any challenge with confidence.

New Mock Test Module

New Top of the line GMAT Mock Test Module provided to help you test out your strategy and knowledge.

Weekend Only Classes

We offer weekend-only classes, perfect for students and professionals alike, who are busy during the week, ensuring everyone can study with ease and flexibility.

Want to take a Demo Class First?

We understand that choosing the coaching institute for your GMAT Prep is a very important and personal decision, hence in order to help you figure out whether we are the right fit for you, Please take a look at the Demo Course!

Meet Your Trainers

Rahul Raj

Experience: 10+ years as a GMAT Coach

About Rahul:

Our head GMAT Coach, with a proven track record since 2013. Over a decade, he has honed a teaching style that's crafted numerous GMAT success stories. Known for his personalized approach and unwavering enthusiasm, Rahul excels in clarifying doubts and crafting custom study plans. His dedication not only educates but truly inspires, making him a pivotal figure in our students' journey to GMAT excellence.

Shubham Dodeja

Experience: 6 years as CAT Coach & 5 years as GMAT Coach

About Shubham:

An exceptional GMAT coach with a 715 Focused Edition Score (Earlier 760, 99 Percentile) with a 6-year track record in CAT tutoring, boasting impressive percentiles of 99.94, 99.8, and 99.78 across last 3 years. Over the past 5 years, he's also developed his expertise in GMAT, developing a unique pedagogy that includes live mock exams to demonstrate 99th percentile strategies. An educationist by heart, Shubham's approach not only enlightens but also empowers his students to achieve their best scores.

Frequently Asked Questions

How does online GMAT coaching work? Is it different from Live Classroom Programs?

Our online GMAT coaching program is just as good, if not better, than traditional in-person GMAT courses. There is no difference in the way the classes are conducted and knowledge is imparted. You will receive all the necessary course materials via email before the class and then connect with us on Zoom for the session, where our instructor will use a digital board to teach.

One advantage of our online GMAT classes is that we keep audio enabled, so you can easily ask questions during the class. This is possible because we keep our batch size small. Additionally, people who might find it uncomfortable in asking question during classroom program can also ask questions with ease.

You will also receive recordings of each session after the class, so you can revisit the material at any time. If you miss a session, you can watch the recording on your own time, which is not possible with in-person courses.

Finally, our online program saves you time, energy, and money as you don't have to travel to a physical location for the class, thus helping you dedicate your entire attention towards your GMAT preparations! Our GMAT Classes are designed to ensure you get 685+ score

Can you guarantee a 685+ Score?

We can guarantee this score if you follow our instructions 100%. It is important to understand that the score depends on your individual effort. You are the only one who can ensure your score. At every stage of your preparation, we will provide you with a comprehensive plan that you must follow. If you follow the plan diligently, we promise that you will achieve atleast a 685+ GMAT Focused Edition score.

What is the duration of class?

The total duration of the class will be 3 months.

If you are someone who is preparing for the GMAT for the first time, we personally recommend giving yourself four to five months to prepare. This should include two and a half months of class with us and then two months of self-study that we will plan for you.

We strongly believe that rushing to get a score is not recommended, as the score is an important factor in determining which college you can attend. Thus, taking chances with the score should be avoided at all costs. It is always better to start as early as possible so that you have enough time to prepare for the exam.

What will be the schedule of the Online GMAT classes?

There will be 2 classes every week of 3 hrs. each on Saturday and Sunday. The timings keep changing from Batch to Batch, so kindly confirm the same from our GMAT Advisor.

The classes will take place over a duration of 12 weeks.